Left 4 Dead 3 for PS3 and Xbox 360

Left 4 Dead 3 for PS3 and Xbox 360

Four years have already passed since the release of the last Left 4 Dead video game. Video game players have long been waiting for the release of Left 4 Dead 3. But as what we have learned from the article Left 4 Dead 3 Release Date, no news regarding its development is known. In line with this, video game players are also asking regarding the consoles on which Left 4 Dead 3 will be released. Two of these consoles are the popular PS3 and Xbox 360. The two previous versions of Left 4 Dead were both released on Xbox 360, but not on PS3. But that was more or less, four years ago. While no news regarding the development of Left 4 Dead 3 have been released, let us try to analyze on whether they would have the new Left 4 Dead released on PS3, Xbox 360, or both.

Left 4 Dead 3 for PS3


As we all know, Play Station 3, or PS3, is one of the most popular gaming consoles ever made. PS3 game players surely know a lot of video games that run on this console. Sadly, Left 4 Dead isn’t one of those games which you can play on PS3. The previous Left 4 Dead versions were not released on PS3. Though there were rumors in the past regarding a Left 4 Dead version on PS3, it was proved to be not true by Valve Corporation Marketing Director Doug Lombardi. In an interview, he said “There is no PS3 version of Left 4 Dead currently in production”, shattering the hopes of PS3 owners around the world. But PS3 owners must not lose hope because this is just as of the moment. In addition to the interview, Lombardi also said that they might make a PS3 version of any Left 4 Dead video game if the series becomes a hit. But considering that the Left 4 Dead franchise has sold more or less 12 million copies, then there’s no doubt that it is indeed a hit. But that would all depend on the move of Valve Corporation. So unless there’s a change in the plans of the Left 4 Dead developers if ever they will release a third version, then I guess we still won’t be seeing Left for Dead for PS3.

Left 4 Dead 3 for Xbox 360


On the other hand, the previous versions of Left 4 Dead were immediately available for the Xbox 360 gaming console. Among the platforms used for the release of the Left 4 Dead video games, Xbox 360 was one of them. We can’t really compare Xbox 360 and PS3 regarding this issue because Xbox 360 was one of the platforms used for the release of the Left 4 Dead video games. So if the partnership of Valve Corporation and Microsoft (Xbox 360) continues to go well, then we might see a Left 4 Dead 3 for Xbox 360. But, that’s if they develop and release Left 4 Dead 3.

Video game players have been waiting for the next Left 4 Dead video game for years now. If I were Valve Corporation, I’d make a Left 4 Dead 3 version since the previous two were received positively by the video game world. And they better hurry up because one day, video gamers might get tired of waiting. But this would all depend on Valve Corporation. The people have expressed what they want. Now, it’s all up to them on how they will respond.

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