Left 4 Dead 3 Latest News – Evidence suggest the game will be released soon

Left 4 Dead 3 Latest News – Evidence suggest the game will be released soon

Good news, dear Left 4 Dead fans! We might not be too far from the release of the announcement of the 3rd chapter of the Left 4 Dead series. Several news and rumors have surfaced over the last few weeks that could hint at the announcement of the game in the near future.

The latest news and rumors

Last week, Valve Company (the developers of the Left 4 Dead series) said that there had been a leak in their mailing list. In this email, two games were mentioned and hinted to be in development at the moment; Half Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3. This leak created a wave of new speculations online in the video game industry. The lead showed that Valve had hired three hundred new employees to work on these highly awaited projects and forty two of them received regular emails on the development of Half life 3. The mail clearly hints that Valve already has some people working on Left 4 dead 3. But everything may change. So, try and manage your expectation.

In another separate piece of information regarding the game, Valve hinted that there would be a 3rd instalment in the left 4 dead series sometime down the road. Valve suggested that the game would be released alongside Portal 3 and Half Life 3. This left 4 dead 3 latest news comes at a time where Valves inability to release the 3rd series of the left 4 dead game has been the target of many jokes online. Players have been waiting for the new of left 4 dead 3 since the release of left 4 dead 2 in 2009 to materialize but to no avail. As a result, sarcasm towards valve has sufficed.

Falisek went on to give a more vivid picture of the fact that you could soon be enjoying a 3rd series of left 4 dead 3 when he said, “I really like working on this series, it is one of my favorite. It creates so much fun with the world and the characters. I love horror and I love Zombie.” Clearly, given his description, Falisek could only be talking about the release of left 4 dead 3.

Furthermore, some DOTA players were given a tour recently of the Valve Headquarters and Development Center and a few members have said that they saw some photos of the game in development and that they Valve confirmed to them that they were working on the game at the moment.

In addition, a YouTube video posted by Valve pipeline hinted on the release dates for the third series of left 4 dead game series. This video showcases Andrea Wicklund, Valve Illustrator, developed work for the lobster hunter and in the course of navigating through her desktop portfolio, showed some left 4 dead 3 connected files in a company directory.

There were 2 files that specifically gave left 4 dead 3 release date time frames. One was the concept art file which had last been modified on 12, 2012 and which is the oldest modification date of the 2 files seen in the leak. So, you know that at least the game has been under development since June 2012. The second file, which was modified on July 2013, allowed you to know that Valve still has some people working on the game.

When will it be released?

Although all the hints, leaks and informations released recently give a strong indication that the game is being worked on by Valve, we don’t know anything about the timeframe for the release of the game. We’ve covered in great length before the potential Left 4 Dead 3 release date and it’s impossible at this time to change our assumption or to guess a release date.

But at least, we’re seeing some progress, which is something we hadn’t seen in a while for the game. We can therefore be a bit optimistic that something is in the works and that an official announcement will be made shortly. I seriously can’t wait to see even more progress! But as usual, we’ll keep you updated on the progress!

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